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The Majority of Rich And Powerful Individuals You Know Have An Undercover Hacker
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Without your knowledge, banks steal money from you every day when you use their services; they slap taxes and fees on every service you use, and they impose costs for things like bank transfer fees, text messages fees, card upkeep, account maintenance fees, etc. Even if the government will urge them to treat consumers fairly, they screw with the government and debate their interests at a round table. You would think that a little money is not a big problem, but they make a ton of money from millions of individuals banking with them. Have you considered the possibility of bank account hacking? This is where you’ll learn.

Watch this video to understand the illustration about how this works. 

The banks are the devil in disguise; they are a group of greedy and selfish entities who pose as the solution to someone’s financial woes. They may knock on your door and offer you loans, which you may cheerfully take, or you may go asking for a loan. Everyone I knew who borrowed huge money from the bank was unable to repay it; either they were screwed or the bank seized their assets. Bank loans for businesses are not completely off the table, but NO THANKS, I don’t want to be a slave to anyone. 

You did not come here by mistake.

Every step we take to help people achieve financial independence and access to financial security is the result of years of experience, it doesn’t make it right neither does it make it wrong, It is simply our experience.

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The bank account hacking is not a hoax, the North Korean leader is hacking bank account to finance his nuclear weapons. With the help of automated malware/trojans it is now easier to hack bank accounts online, learn how to hack  bank accounts and transfer money online to another bank account or your wallet and thereby get rich within a few days. By successfully collecting the banking credentials of several people from many banks around the world which is generally know as BANK LOGINS, Malware makes it easy to access relevant bank account logins or information from a bank database or server.


Put the links together

How do you think business CEO’s maintain their financial strength and keep the company moving forward after making some bad decisions which is capable of making them go bankrupt including politicians and celebrities to maintain their financial strength even when spending in millions of dollars. Every Mega-Rich person you know has a a hacker working for them secretly funding their way of life and luxury lifestyle but this has been a secret availed by the rich, wealthy, powerful and mighty in the society.

Probably, you’ve heard of North Korea. Although United States of America government has done all in its power to stop North Korea’s nuclear program and growth in its economy, Kim Jong Un’s army of workers is creating and emptying bitcoin wallets and bank servers. It has been reported that North Korea exploited this method to defraud nations all over the world of more than $10 billion USD; perhaps may have been more, but $10 billion is the sum that is currently known.



Our team is really skilled. We have specialized knowledge of how to bypass bank account security and site encryption. That is exactly how people distinguish us above the rest. For your benefit, we can successfully hack a bank account using a number of different methods. There is a hacking technique that is remarkably efficient and employs smartphones. 

We reassure you that we can penetrate even the most high levels of security put in place by different banks by our bank account hackers. Once we get access, we can withdraw the desired sum from the bank account that was compromised. And if you need login credentials for the compromised bank account known as Bank Logins which is available for sale in our Bank Logins Shop or we will give you the cash as well which we offer as Money Transfer Service Worldwide.



We have an outstanding track record of completing projects on schedule and our skilled team is committed to providing a wide range of hacking services.


Receive a reply within five minutes. Our representative will immediately respond to your message after you use one of our contact options.


We provide high backup documentation and generate legitimate, verifiable
contracts for customers who want over $5 million.


Get Instant Money Transfer Hack to fund your projects and business, enough of living an ordinary live when you can live a luxury life like a king with the right access to financial unlimited money and financial security.  Nothing last forever so take your chance now and grab the opportunity to change your financial status forever. 

VIP Wealths Plan Packages

If you know how to conduct business and possibly spend money, there is no limits to what you may accomplish using our money transfer funding service.


Get $4,000 to $200,000.
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delivery on the same day.
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Get $500,000 to $10 million
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Get $50M – $500M
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5 Working days delivery.
Backup legal documents.
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Every Business Needs A Hacker

Are you a business CEO or Entrepreneur seeking for funds to grow your business or you have made bad business decision/deals? worry no further as this platform will give you the required funds you seek for and recover your lost funds to bring you out of bankruptcy and keep your business floating. 

What you can achieve with our bank transfer service is unlimited unless you don’t know how to do business or probably spend money.

Get Instant Orders

We offer different types of money transfer service which are available in bank accounts, Cash App, PayPal, Western Union, TransferWise, 
coin-base wallets, all online money transfers, BTC, and more. 


Our bank transfer typically takes 15–30 minutes to complete. Get access to other available amounts


Our Cashapp transfer typically takes 5–10 minutes to complete. To get access to the available amounts.


Our Paypal transfer typically takes 10–15 minutes to complete. To get access to the available amounts.


Our Western Union transfer typically takes 10–20 minutes to complete. To get access to the available amounts.


Our Venmo transfer typically takes 5–15 minutes to complete. To get access to the available amounts.


Our Zelle transfer typically takes 15–20 minutes to complete. To get access to the available amounts.

Click any of our contact handle to get started on your wealth-building journey.

How To Get Started

Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. You always have two choices:
your commitment versus your fear.

Our Money Transfer Price List

Amount to Receive

Service Fee

$2,000 to $4,000


$5,000 to $7,000


$8,000 to $10,000


$50,000 (VIP)


$100,000 (VIP)


$200,000 (VIP)



WE ACCEPT THESE PAYMENT OPTIONS BELOW: For the convenience of out users as well as their security, we accept cryptocurrency. Each user will receive a unique wallet address that will make payment tracking and transaction processing easier.

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Binance Coin (BNB)
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Transfers over $10M are negotiable and comes with free Offshore account.
Most of the people—they have fancy ideas in the evening. But when they wake up in the
day, they go back to do the same job. We have to do something different.
Our services are global because we have access to the global Swift network and will
transfer any amount to any bank you provide. It’s real and the most secure black-hat
funding developed by the world’s best computer scientists and cryptographers.

I am willing to let you in on these secrets so you can make money for yourself and your
family and enjoy the good life.

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  1. There are obviously a lot of card seller out here but only a few can get you the real stuff That you can cash out with and when I realized vipwealths was one of few elites. I did seize the opportunity. When I started, I bought wire transfer, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I haven’t stop buying from this shop since then. The sincerity the team had in the past is still the same they have currently. I do commend that effort and I00% recommend.

  2. vipwealths money transfer funding is an excepiontional service, money received within minutes to my UK bank account. I rate this service %100.

  3. I ordered for a cloned card and received it after 3 days through DHL. I headed direct to the machine and cashout 5k pounds on the first day and same on second day. I am delighted I found this platform.

  4. Never in my life would i have thought that this day will come through. I usually see these things on the news but I though it was a hoax. I saw a video and followed it down here. I have just made my first $10k from this platform. I’m surely sticking with these guys.

  5. Can you inform me that this site is legit coz i’ve been meeting scammers claiming to offer this service

  6. I stumbled on this website through a video and was amazed on the type of service they offer. I remembered a friend who was not doing well and working on a shift job now leaving a luxury life. I tried reaching out to him for help but all effort proved abortive as he now roles with the high and mighty in the society and i vowed i must get up there. I sent bitcoin of £5500 and i received £50,000 same day I sent it. I have realized over £350k within a short period of time. I am so happy for this platform to have change my life for good.

  7. I bumped into this site through tiktok and I am amazed this type of thing exist. I only hear about these things on the news and on blogs. I sent bitcoin of $1050 and within 3 hours I received 10k bucks. I am so happy and i am sticking to this as well as telling my close friends.

  8. This is for real. I requested for $4000 payment with the fee of $450 and I got $3800 after making payment. They updated me as they progress with it. i’m really grateful.

  9. The service here is awesome. I’m not sure I can compare this site to any other most times when I’m overseas and need to send money they always come through. One time I needed $40k and had just $11k, I made 2-3 deals and got the cash I needed and some more cash for keeps too. Thank you for the great service and fast transfer time too.

  10. Transfer of $4000 received as my first order, i have seen a means of making good money, this year Christmas celebration going to be wonderful with my family.

  11. My business partner have been exploring this platform and getting funded, we both operate on same business and things have been really bad at my end while he spends alot. I had to reach out to him to know how he is on his toes and he was kind enough to bring me onboard here. I am so delighted and I can proudly say this is really a service to behold. So far i have received above 200k GBP I don’t know how long they will be active but i’m surely sticking with them.

  12. I saw this through facebook and all i can say is this guys have been a blessing to me and my family.

  13. The service is great, I never knew about this platform until i saw a post on Facebook which directed me here. Initially i was skeptical but after reading through the site and other clients review I decided to place an order of $10,000 transfer which i sent $1050. To my greatest surprise i received $10k bucks to my navy federal account after 3 hours of my payment. Thank you guys for coming through.

  14. Honestly I never knew this kind of service existed, I got into this website through a business forum and got linked to their admin via telegram. I made enquiry and asked few question about the safety of this money which the admin explained things to my understanding which cleared my doubt. I’ve actually apply to bank loan prior to this event, coupled with the good reviews here I gave them a shot for £100k which I sent £11k through bitcoin. I got my fingers crossed on the time frame which the admin told me. I got a little worried when it fell short of 3 hours late and I wrote the admin which he explained to me that other clients already placed their order before me so I had to exercise patient as my order is being processed. At the end I received the money transfer in my NatWest bank account. I am so happy that I am a partaker to this and I don’t have any reason to get bank loan anymore. I will order for another funds to my Citibank account in the US . I appreciate this and I will definitely introduce my business friends to this. Let’s win together.

  15. I’m new to this and I didn’t have enough cash to buy the blank cards then ship them. But I sure as hell needed the cash for my daughters sake. I was already assured by a friend that the site is legit and he had worked with them countless times. long story short I took the leap of faith, sold ma trailer and Now my story is completely different. Got the cards and i have successfully cashed out over $30k. Thank you Russian hackers team, y ’all saved my family .

  16. The top servers in the block should be vipwealths.com Money servers. The quick reaction astounded me much. I needed money to start my farm, but trying to acquire a loan from the bank was fruitless. I was curious about this website and decided to give it a shot. I’m glad to report that even on my first attempt, the experience was worthwhile. Now that my farm is set up, I occasionally receive money from this place. If you need the money, I strongly advise you to try them out; they are truly a gift from God, and I can attest to the fact that they have also altered my life. Thanks

  17. vipwealths.com and his staff treat me and my requirements with the utmost professionalism, courtesy, and respect. He was really helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous, and he made the process of setting up a money transfer server very simple. I would strongly suggest speaking with vipwealths.com about your financial concerns since he was a pleasure to engage with and was very personable. Without any issues, we received $250,000. We express gratitude. I am creating new accounts to handle higher sums and have a strategy to do this frequently. Incredibly impressive

  18. vipwealths.com is great! Their customer service is unparalleled to anything I’ve ever encountered! When I need to make urgent or substantial transfers, I just place my order with customer support and unwind. They have performed deals for me in less three hours. The best service has been delivered with prompt action.
    I urge you to employ them. They have never let me down!

  19. Your service came through for me at the right time. My business was going down due to bad business decision in the past. I have cleared my debt and my company is waxing stronger even with the competition i am ontop with the help of the funds i have. I am grateful.

  20. I use vipwealths.com team regularly. I think they’re absolutely magnificent. Their fees are small, the exchange rates are excellent, and the transfers I do from the UK to Uruguay are astonishingly fast. They’re always in my account by the following day.

    Probably the best service anywhere on the internet: which I couldn’t recommend more highly.

  21. vipwealths.com services have truly been an Uber pass in the revolving world of constant financial challenges. Thanks guys, this $100,000 has been very magical for my life. They are reliable, faithful, and loyal to their customers. I’ve been with them for about 2 years, and I love them. I am very happy to do business with this company; they have been very considerate and have granted me an increase in credit, which I find to be very helpful. The best low-cost safeguard. We always use this platform.

  22. There are no hidden expenses or surprises; I know the precise amount of the server flip and the price I am paying. Thank you, vipwealths.com for making things so simple for me, an oldie who isn’t so adept with technology and the internet. Anyone can do it if I can.

  23. No one should ever try to argue that I genuinely work at this entire and make transfers on a weekly basis. I’ve made over $100,000 in such a short period of time. It actually works, and this s the best site if you ant to make really money on the dark web.

  24. So far you are the best hacking team i have seen online. thank you for the money sent to my sister.

  25. I saw your ad on Facebook, and I recall a buddy informing me that something like this existed previously. What should I do first? I’d like to put $1050 towards testing your service. Is using my personal account safe?

  26. Excellent customer service. I’d never seen anything like that before. I paid for the server setup and transferred money to my Canadian wife. vipwealths.com delivered on their promise; I requested $50,000 to be sent to my wife’s account, and the customer support representative informed me that it would be a same-day service; my wife received the monies in her bank account within 8 hours of buying this wire money transfer server setup service. I confess that some so-called server money setup service providers have never let me down, but there has never been any bother or problem with them.

  27. Admin, please look at your email. I sent payment details for $50,000 USD; please attend to it on my wife’s account. All details have been attached as demanded.

  28. These people saved me just when I believed there was no hope left and there was no way to start afresh. Due to her disease, my mother was unable to support my siblings and I through employment. I recall that when I asked my classmates at school whether there were any legitimate online businesses, they would either laugh at me or recommend a shoddy website with a bad reputation. I didn’t have much time left, our rent was due soon, Mom needed her meds, and I had little chance of receiving a loan from the bank. During one of those search days, I landed upon this website.

    I was somewhat skeptical about it, but then I needed cash and was ready to do anything for the cash too. I contacted them and paid the $750 fee with the $1000 my grandmother had given me. I waited with a lot of hope, fear, excitement, and anxiety—you name it. I even had a panic attack. And finally, the wait was over when I finally received $8,000 in my bank account. It is for sure a day I will never forget, and it has been better ever since. Mom eventually passed, but she did so with a smile on her face. I love you, vipwealths.com you’re a life changer.

  29. A quick and affordable method to get money! Trust me when I say that I performed my study on banking servers and other platforms available because I conduct research for work. I like the vipwealths.com team’s user-friendliness, fair and affordable pricing, and quick money transfers. There are no additional costs, and my referrals have already helped me save money. I’m overjoyed to be compensating my bank for those erroneous debits! Payment was received by express service the same day. Very content.

  30. I never know such service exist. thank goodness i bumped into your site through a forum, i received the money transfr and i am pleased yu kept to your words

  31. Excellent service. I had used many other hacker services to send money to my wife in Russia. There was always a delay and too many extra charges. vipwealths.com team kept their promise, I ordered $10,000 to be sent to my wife’s account and the Customer service guy assured me it’s going to be a same day service and my received the funds to her bank account within 8 hours of ordering this wire money transfer hacking service. I admit that some so called bank money transfer hacking service providers have disappointed me in the past, but this guy came through with flying colors particularly during this pandemic. No hassle no problems.

  32. Thank you i got the money of 735,600 dirham in my HSBC UAE account. You are good. I get next order for you and my friend want to order money.

  33. My swiss bank just sent me a credit alert of $200k, wow!! i’m amazed of your wonderful service. I strongly recommend.

  34. I just send btc of $65,000 to their address for a transfer of $650,000 to my partner in China. I am waiting for their confirmation of payment. I would be very happy coming here.

  35. Thanks to your team for coming through, My partners in china received funds for my goods through your team without any complaints. I’m definitely sticking with your service.

  36. Always very pleasant and helpful when I have to contact them. Great guys, always there to assist their customers. at this time when the United States economy is being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are laying people off, so I recommend this for some quick amounts. I got $89,500 sent to my business account.
    I highly recommend vipwealths.com

  37. Thanks for coming through, I received the $75k bucks in my wellsfargo account and $23k bucks in my chase account. Your service is amazing.

  38. Blessed is the day i came across your site, you have made me richer than i ever imagined within a short period of time. I am really grateful for coming through for me.

  39. Had one issue with my second purchase from this vendor, but they resolved it before it became an issue, so I can’t really say anything but that they are a fantastic vendor overall. thanks

  40. I don’t know how I manage to bump into this platform through a business forum but all I can say is I was surprised when I read through their website. I immediately placed an order for $50,000 which I sent $5250. I got the money transfer after 5 hours of payment same day. I am really impressed and will be here for a long time.

  41. I will highly recommend this site for anyone who wants accurate services, The transfer time is also awesome. My daughter received $76,000 after I sent in $15k. Weldon guys.

  42. I had a fantastic experience with really speedy and dependable service. Another wonderful feature was the security of financial transfers straight from a server account to an offshore bank, which hides a paper trail of operations and keeps your money secure and clean for usage. When I couldn’t fulfill the conditions for a bank loan to acquire the $5 million I needed for my business, vipwealths.com and his team of hackers here came to my rescue. Excellent customer service! It’s quite convenient.

  43. This service is nothing short of exceptional. I used this platform to fund my real estate project from start to finish. I am grateful for coming through at my time of needs, thank you.

  44. It was quite helpful! It was quick and simple to work with you folks. Love how the process went and I will definitely be back for more.

  45. It went through which is the most important thing i enjoyed working with you guys, your service is top-notch I hope for less delay in future transfers.

  46. This platform has helped me get a house and I’m currently studying for a degree and I can tell you that this site is paying for my studies. Before now I wasn’t even sure I would get the degree because I barely had enough to feed talk more of paying for school. Thank you, guys. Take out the doubt and tried them out if you really need the cash.

  47. It is great company that provides fast money transfer services. I am very happy because the attention is very pleasant and kind to me.

  48. I also appreciate that I was able to call and ask questions. The employees were very kind and helpful. I’m glad I chose you guys.

  49. These guys have the best services ever. The fees on here are very reasonable and the best part is there aren’t any hidden charges. I have had 4 different transactions with them and they haven’t done any wrong at all. Thumbs up guys.

  50. The site makes sending money easier and also an easy way to make money too. I always have to send cash to my brother in Australia and he always confirms his transfers in a short time. The site has really saved me a lot of stress and money too. While I type this, I am waiting for my $5k transfer from them and I know they won’t disappoint because they have never. I will recommend this site to anyone

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