As a result of numerous questions we receive from new customers and clients, we’ve decided to add this to answer some of your questions before you contact us. This FAQ will answer some of your question ahead before contacting us.

This question comes into the mind of anyone that comes to this page, and the answer is yes, it is safe, because we use a lot of sophisticated tools to carry out our operation, and we tend to ensure the safety of our clients is our priority.

The answer is no, because we clear all transaction logs after any payment initiation is completed.

The answer is no, because we clear all transaction logs afterWe have a price list for each of the services we offer, which include bank, PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, Western Union, and Zelle transfers, so please know the specific service you want and pay the fee required before you receive money from us. You can place your order directly on our site if it is below $200,000 USD. any payment initiation is completed.

The time to receive transfers varies due to the mode of payment. Our transfer initiation hours normally take 5 to 30 minutes max. to initiate payment after we have received your transfer fee.

The money transferred to you in your account is yours, so you can You can withdraw the money at your convenience whenever you wish.

We only transfer a maximum of three times per account per week, depending on the account type.

We transfer to all countries; all we need to transfer are the account details.

We Accept Crypto – Currency payments such as Bitcoins, to give quality anonymity and maximum protection to our customers.